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Mys.TerraGoddess is a local plant business  and resource that provides a wide range of services.
Retail, Rentals, Consultations, Plant Sitting, Home & Business Installations, Garden Parties, Kids events & more.

About Krystal

Krystal Mitchell has a real passion for house plants. That passion is something that she connected deeply to learning about during the COVID lock-down.

In doing this, Krystal found a community that she could relate to and connect with when connection was something that many people were lacking.

Next, she started trading plants with fellow plant lovers, selling plant cuttings and rehabs she nursed back to health. Through that connection to her community, she began to realize how little people knew about plants and how much they were in need of people to support them to overcome the fear they had in caring for plants.

MysTerra Goddess was born because Krystal wanted to build something that would support her community, inspire people to overcome their fears and try something new and rewarding, and help her community learn and grow. 


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