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Mys.TerraGoddess is a local plant business and resource originating in Jersey City, NJ that provides a wide range of services.
Retail, Rentals, Consultations, Plant Sitting, Home & Business Installations, Garden Parties, Kids events & more.

Mys.TerraGoddess will show you the way! Not only will Mys.TerraGoddes help your plants survive, they will thrive. If you have questions about which plants are best for your space, health checks, pest remedies, Mys.TerraGoddess is here to support you. Book a consultation in person, or virtually.

Plant Sitting

Going away on a vacation or a business trip? Mys.TerraGoddess provides plant sitting to ensure your plants stay alive while you’re away!

Plant Rentals

 Mys.TerraGoddess, Offers beautiful high  quality Plants for short-term rental for all occasions with great ease and convenience. Learn about our rental services by clicking here.


Both adult, and children, in partnership with @plantasorri, Mys.TerraGoddess has devine and distilled all of the plant secrets and magic your heart desires.

Plant Installations

Indoor plants add energy and life to a space. Mys.TerraGoddess offers services for homes, offices, and businesses to find the perfect plants to thrive in your space.

Garden Parties

For Kids

Watch your children grow in patience, kindness, and discipline through the beauty of botany! We will cultivate a garden environment in any space or use what ever garden space you have available to create a magical , play oriented gardening adventure for you and your little ones.

For Adults

We will transform any space into anything from a  wondrous  enchanted  grove to a downtown abby garden Hedge.  We will facilitate grown up level fun either libated or un libated. Everyone goes home happy with planty prizes, 2 lucky folks become crowned goddess and god of the woods.

Pop-up Events

Let's Grow!

MTG has been creating a reputation for drawing fabulous plant folks from far and wide to any destination she graces.  Please inquire to set up a pop up today!  She will bring everything necessary to cultivate a remarkable showing and experience

We’ve purchased plants from Mys.Terra on multiple occasions. She makes sure the plants are healthy before she sells them. Every time we’ve purchased plants she has taken the time to go over how to properly care for and maintain the plants. Not only that, she has been given us amazing support once we’ve gotten them home. Offering advice on different products for pests and feeding. You can tell how passionate they are about houseplants and how much they want to share that with people. This is the kind of support that would not be available through large chain stores. Mys.TerraGoddess is a valuable ally to have on your houseplant journey.

Sid Wadleigh


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